Zoning Ordinance and Map

Zoning Ordinance - 2/8/2000 - As Amended 

Ephrata Township Zoning Map - 2/8/2000 - As Amended

Zoning Ordinance Amendment - Electronic Variable Messaging Signs - 9/4/2012

Zoning Ordinance Amendment - Floodplain Regulations - 3/1/2016

Zoning Map Amendment - Meadow Valley Road and South Reading Road -9/6/2016

Zoning Map Amendment - East Trout Run Road - 11/7/2017

Zoning Ordinance Amendment - Maximum Building Height - 12/5/2017

Zoning Ordinance Amendment - Minimum Setbacks for Drive Through and Fast Food Restaurants, Master Planned Development Signs, Health and Fitness Center Use and To Establish Parking and Loading Requirements for Fitness Centers and Hotels  - 2/5/2019

Zoning Ordinance Amendment - Short-Term Rentals, Off Street Parking, Uses of the Same General Character,  Amusement Arcades and Recreation Facilites. - 1/6/2020

Amendment - Communication Towers, Antennas and Equipment - 7/13/2021
Amendment - Short-Term Rentals and Small Wireless Facilities - 4/5/2022

Amendment - Electronic Variable Messaging Signs - 4/5/2022

Amendment - Sign Regulations for Churches, Schools, etc. - 3/7/2023

Rezoning - North Reading Road - Church Avenue Properties - 3/7/2023

Amendment - Short-Term Rental Regulations - 6/6/2023

The Zoning Ordinance posted on the Ephrata Township website are for informational purposes only.  The Ordinance on the website may have been amended, updated or changed from the posted version.  Copies of the current and official  Zoning Ordinance and all amendments can be obtained at the Ephrata Township Office, 265 Akron Road, Ephrata, PA during regular business hours.