Community Park

The Board of Supervisors established the Ephrata Township Recreation Advisory committee in 2002.  The committee membership consisted of eight Ephrata Township residents who volunteered their time and efforts to improve the quality of life for all township residents.  Members of the Committee were Ralph Decker, Simon Fry, Ken Hess, Susan Hurst, Lawrence Martin, Michael Nelms, Michael Pfautz and John Voler.  The Committee's goals were to provide park and common open space facilities, to provide a diversified system of parks and recreation facilities for active and passive leisure pursuits, and to provide recreation programs that meet the needs of all residents.  Click here to view the Ephrata Township Parks and Recreation Plan.

Ephrata Township Community Park


In May of 2000, Ephrata Township authorized a feasibility study and environmental assessment of two parcels of land along Fulton Street in the southeastern portion of the Township to determine if the site would be suitable for a community park.  A sand mining operation was conducted on the two properties from the late 1950’s through 1977.  The site was essentially unused since the mining operation ceased and many of the structures and equipment used as part of the mining operation were still on site.  A 7.5 acre lake now occupies the site of the former quarry pit and a two acre pond is also located on the property.  The feasibility study concluded that the site would be ideal for a community and/or a natural resource park

In September of 2002, Ephrata Township purchased one of the parcels of land and acquired the other parcel in June of 2005.  The total acreage of the two properties is 50.8 acres. 


Both the lake and the pond are open to fishing subject to the rules and regulations of the PA Fish and Boat Commission.  Fish species include largemouth bass, blue gills and catfish.  No swimming or boating is permitted at the park.  Stoned and paved hiking trails have been constructed throughout the park.  A stoned hiking trial around the perimeter of the park is just less than one mile in length.

The park is also actively used by youth baseball and soccer leagues.  Both the baseball and soccer fields are open to the public when not in use by the respective youth leagues.  There are no metal spikes allowed on the baseball field.  A pavilion is available for rent by the public.  The pavilion includes a kitchen area with a refrigerator, deep sink and outlets for electrical appliances as well as seating for groups up to 100 people. The pavilion can be reserved by contacting the Township Office at 733-1044.  Other park amenities include a restroom, playground area, swings and a sand volleyball court.

The park is open from dawn to dusk.  Dogs must be controlled and maintained on a leash at all times.  Dogs are not permitted within the restrooms, pavilion, playground or sand volleyball court.  Owners are required to clean up after their dogs.  No smoking is permitted within the developed areas of the park.  Please refer to the ordiance tab on the home page to view the complete rules and regualtions governing the use of the Community Park.  We hope that you enjoy the Ephrata Township Community Park.